We are all made of Sunshine

We are all made of Sunshine

Something we should tell our selves and our little ones all the time ” we are all made of sunshine”

Love a piece of fashion with a good message, and therefor when I saw this sweater I was sold right away!

Olivia is a sucker for anything is just about any Pink or peach tone, and the added glitter and sparkle is just the icing on the cake for her. She was sold on this outfit too.

Perfect for those chillier morning drop off’s at school, and easy to mix and match with other items!

Both are by Soft Gallery and from the lovely concept kids webshop Hasel und Gretel which if you don’t know them yet, you should check them out!

Olivia’s outfit from Hasel und Gretel is by Soft Gallery

She is wearing their Chaz Sweater and Fay Skirt

Cognac Saltwater Sandals from Saltwaters Europedsc_0217-2




Love the splatter design of this skirt