Tropical Storm with Sproet & Sprout

Tropical Storm with Sproet & Sprout

We are so ready for sunnier days and with this new Denim Summer Dress we are just counting down the days till we can wear this little outfit

First time we saw the Press photos of Sproet & Sprout’s new Summer Collection we instantly fell in love with this dress and it truly exceeds all expectations , the denim is super soft, the print is adorable and we love that it has sown in bloomers head over to Sproet & Sprout’s website to see the entire adorable Tropical Storm Collection

Olivia is wearing the Denim Dress Bananas by Sproet& Sprout

And pale pink Akid Skater shoes from Mets Kinderschoenen
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This dress is just too cute, easy to layer with and perfect for those ( hopefully soon to come) hot , sunny days

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