Thursday Fun in Louise Misha

Thursday Fun in Louise Misha

Ever since Olivia is about 2,5 years old she started to have her own opinion about what she wants to wear. This truly has surprised me as my son didn’t care till his early teenage years, but this little one already has opinion. She loves to look in her closet and go through her clothes and will proudly bring and option to me saying ” this one today mommy”

As we are in a total pink, girly phase her current preference would be to be dressed in pink tutu’s everyday all day. But as lovely as that is they just aren’ t always the best wear for every occasions. I try to nudge her towards options that are good for the day, and always try to make her feel like it is her choice. I believe it is important to make her understand that sandals just aren’t an option when it is freezing and raining non stop just as much as her wintercoat isn’t an option when it is 40 degrees celsius outside. At the same time I love the little toddler quirkiness so some days she wearing two pairs of underwear because she said the pink one goes over the little popsicle ones, you can’t win every battle right? And it is so much fun to see them make these choices. As long as they don’t mean that she will be freezing I let her get away with her own ” style choices”

Recently she has fallen in love with wearing Jeans again, she has 2 current favorites her star printed Stella McCartney jeans and her distraught jeans by Next Uk which she is wearing today

Ofcourse she loves pairing jeans with a girly top , and this slowly Louise Misha top exactly fits the bill for a bohemian fun look for a day filled of fun.

Olivia’s outfit: Saltwater Classic Cognac Sandals, Denim by NextUK and top by Louise Misha DSC_0267 DSC_0272 DSC_0276 DSC_0286

Our tiny dancer, she is always dancing and singing this little oneDSC_0315 DSC_0320 DSC_0323