When I met my husband I knew that our family would be a mixed cultural family that would be celebrating holidays from both our cultures. And throughout the last 10 years that we have been married today has been one of my favorite ” new” traditions in life.

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving , and today for me has very little to do with the traditional sense of the holiday and everything with the word ” thanksgiving ” . To me it is a day where I am , even more than normal, aware of the people, the love, the things in my life that I am so thankful for.

And of course on top of that list, especially in a year that has been so trying for me personally with non stop health issues I am mostly thankful for my family, my husband and son and daughter. Ever so Thankful that we live in a nice house, in a safe environment with every single thing  we need, because we are all so aware that we are the lucky ones there are currently cities under constant attacks on other sides of the world, there are people scrambling for food, and fleeing their countries with nothing but their clothes on their backs and their babies in their arms. We are the lucky ones and I count my lucky stars every day and today I am even more thankful for everything in my life.

When my husband and I decided we wanted another kid , it wasn’t easy and we didn’t get pregnant immediately. I have a very common hormonal issue PCOS and that came in to play. But when we finally became pregnant it was clear to me that this would most likely be our last pregnancy and since my eldest is a boy, I secretly hoped for a girl. I still remember the day of the ultrasound on December 17th 2012 , when I was all by myself as my husband was in Afghanistan and my ultrasound was during my lunchbreak and I heard that she was a  healthy little girl. I cried tears of joy, of course I would have been ecstatic with another son too, but we would have a health boy and girl, what a luxury it was a wish come true.  And from day 1 Olivia has been a total mommy’s girl, the joy of having another kid after such a long time is so overwhelming, the bond we share is amazing even though she is still just a little toddler. She is a carbon copy of me, not when it comes to looks, but her personality is so much like me, and it is a daily joy to see this little HAM grow up and to share this love again with a little one. My son is in his last year of high school and we have already been visiting colleges he will soon be moving out and starting his new chapter in life, he also doesn’t like to be on my blog, so I respect that ( we all know how it is to be teen) and focus on my blog on our little miss Olivia.

I want to share this little gift I found that I am ever so thankful , and simply perfect for today and is so sweet for the holidays if you are still looking for a present that is meaningful for you and your little one. I thought today was the perfect day to share this beautiful designed jewelry which is so special to share with your little one. She and I both love it, and she gets giddy each time she sees we are wearing matching jewelry.

We love LenneBelle and how each piece shares a little memory or moment with your little one and the to celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child.  We chose the ” You are loved for eternity” mother and daughter set in silver, as the words couldn’t be truer, and Olivia loves anything with heart shapes. The perfect give to share, in the cutest little giftbox.

Head over to to see more of their amazing collection of jewelry.

And of course to everyone celebrating today , have a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy these special moments with your family.

Sharing our favorite time of day, early morning cuddles in bed wearing here little Lennebelle Petites Bracelet and Frankey’s Playground Pink onesie




Always playing around this little one, telling me she wants to go back to sleep img_5798-jpg

Dark mornings become a little bit lighter with this little smile