Pretty in Pink with Louise Misha

Pretty in Pink with Louise Misha

Although I am a city girl, living in the country sure has its perks. Specially with little one’s, Olivia just loves being outside and being here gives her so much space to explore and play around freely

Today she insisted we would go outside, me being sick for a long time we have been cooped up in the house most of the time, but it felt good to go outside again for a little

Dressed in her ” party” outfit

She wore this outfit for her birthday but we sadly lost all of the pictures, she loves to put it on, and always gets excited when I agree she can wear it

So with a sparkle in her eye , she went out and explored

Wearing the lovely white Motoreta blouse and Pink Louise Misha skirt from 08DRESSCODE who currently have a great summer sale going on you just need to check out

Necklace by the amazing Molly Brown London

Shoes Saltwater Sandals from Littlewannahaves 

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