Our very own Bitesize Little Hero

Our very own Bitesize Little Hero

Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes and our very own Little Miss Olivia sure is our bitesize little HERO

As some of our followers already know Olivia has a very rare genetic metabolic disorder (PKU) and she really shows us every day what it is to be a little hero. Especially on days like today where we celebrate Easter we are once again confronted with the fact that holidays are all about the Food and Candy and Olivia just can’t participate in that. No Chocolate Eggs or Easter Brunch with sweet rolls and scrambled eggs  for her but of course we look for fun alternatives and I make sure I find PKU friendly options or I make them myself for Olivia so our little hero enjoys Easter just as much

( If you want to read more about PKU head over to the National PKU Alliance website )

So this is outfit couldn’t be more appropriate for our little trooper on Easter Day

The amazing  Micca Sha tutu skirt by from Luxtots

Organic Zoo beton striped Hero Long sleeve from Luxtots

Pina White leather booties by Donsje Amsterdam

Knitted Crown by Oeuf New York

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