Olivia’s Birthday

Olivia’s Birthday

We all know how it goes as parents your pregnancy seems to last forever and the second  your kids are here time just flies by. Just like that our little girl turned three years old, I still can not believe it, where has time gone?

And what a three years it have been, we have had many scary moments, many downs but luckily more ups. And throughout the three years she has grown so much not just in size but in personality, she is one little fire cracker.

This year has been a lot of fun and at times tiring. As cute as she can be, she is also a very determined little toddler and she is extremley headstrong, she loves to sing and dance, climbs into just about anything and is very talkative. We are raising her bi-lingual as she speaks Dutch and English she tends to say the funniest things when she mixes the languages or translates expression and songs.

This year was the year she became fully potty trained, started showing interest in dancing , discovered the art of toddler melt downs and her love for pink and exploring, her love for babydolls and stuffed animals and riding her little bike. She is as much a tomboy as she is a little princess.

This year was the first year she was really looking forward to her birthday when it came close she continued to ask at bedtime ” Mommy is tomorrow my birthday?”. She was eager to celebrate, she looked forward to her party at home and at daycare and kept talking about her presents and balloons. She reveled in the idea that this would be all for her, she wanted in her own words” a lot of pink and flowers mommy” so that is what we did. It seemed like her birthday celebrations continued for an entire week, and she loved every moment of it.


We were surrounded by Pink Flowers everywhere for her birthday


PKU Friendly treats on her birthday with beautiful decorations by Meri Meri from LittleLuLubel

( Decorations: Amazing bird cupcake toppers and light pink confetti and foil balloons )

DSC_1811 (1) DSC_1831 DSC_1825 DSC_2053 DSC_2048



She loved her party, we kept it small with just some immediate family this year but she was spoiled, and happy and we made some beautiful memories. The look on her face the entire morning was priceless.

Olivia is wearing a top by Motoreta 

During her party we had nothing but dark clouds and lots of rain, so the next day she wanted to dress up again and take her balloons out for a walk to ” find bunnies”.  And so we did


DSC_2106 DSC_2089