Mini Rodini’s Pre Fall Collection

Mini Rodini’s Pre Fall Collection

Confetti Kinderboetiek has some fun new pre fall items since Mini Rodini has dropped their new Pre Fall 2017 collection last Thursday May the 18th. With this new drop comes a new tassels print which we love. We love the soft colors and how easy it is to wear. It’s no secret that Olivia is a big fan of wearing dresses and is very opinionated about what she wears. The days of simply dressing her in whatever are long gone and she will simply not wear something she doesn’t like anymore. Some times i need to convince her a little before she will wear something but today that wasn’t needed at all, this print was an immediate win for Olivia

Olivia is wearing the Tassles dress by Mini Rodini from Confetti Kinderboetiek

Kneescoks by Collegien

and Black Converse





Denim Jacket by Chloe from Alex and Alexa