Living the Louise Misha Fairytale

Living the Louise Misha Fairytale

Some outfits just deserve a fairy tale, they are made with so much thought, love, passion and detail and scream to worn on a fairytale like adventure

Each and every perfectly detailed item by Louise Misha brings your little girl into a fairy tale

Olivia is wearing the amazing Marnie Nude top and Eloise Trouser both from Petite Evi 

So for this shoot we decided to make one of Olivia’s favorite fairy tales ( Flora and the Flamingo) come real and shoot with Flamingos at a Flamingo Sanctuary

I think the pictures and the details  of this outfit simply speak for themselves this outfit and the rest of this fairytale-like collection is available at Petite Evi ’s web shop



DSC_1234DSC_1228 DSC_1247 (1)

The Marnie Nude top has such amazing details in both the front and the back, from the tassels to the lace and the sleeve details it is a little work of art DSC_1244 DSC_1237

             Oh, the places you will go!

The day her Flora and the Flamingo Fairytale came true



We love the amazing lace detail pockets on the Eloise Pants