Summercoats 2017 -Mingo Kids

Summercoats 2017 -Mingo Kids

Our second day of our Summer Coat special is for one of our favorite Dutch brands and Dutch webshops. We love Mingo Kids and this year they make it not just once but twice into our Summercoats edition.

Although officially this is their Summerknit Cotton cardigan in Forrest Green and not a coat, but we love using cardigans as a Coat during Spring and Summer, it is perfect as you can use a cardigan as this all year round.

Forrest Green should be Olivia’s favorite as we spend most of our time out in our local forrest hiking, which is one of the perks of living in the country side. Her outfit today is from Toddlers and Tees, who carry many of our favorites such as Mingo Kids, Mini Rodini, Tinycottons and Donsje Amsterdam. Make sure you take a look at their website

Her Forrest Green outfit today is from Toddlers and Tees, both her Mingo Kids Cardigan and Mini Rodini Flower print dress, which work perfect with some simple black tights and Hunter boots from Little hipstar.

We love this look for these chillier spring days and this cotton cardigan is so versatile.

No itchy knit very breathable and of course this color and model is totally unisex.



We love this look, yellow highlighter hands and all, not sure how your toddler is but i can’t leave this little one alone for even a second  dsc_0483