Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

When our first personal blog posted last week I was taken back by all of the sweet, lovely and kind words from everyone. The responds was so overwhelming that we decided to do this more often and to continue sharing more of our personal struggles and raise awareness.One of the things that really stuck to me is the fact that several moms reached out to me saying they were shocked as they thought our lives where so ” picture perfect” and always looked at our pictures thinking we had a perfect life. This really made me think, as much as we love what we do with Mini-Styling these are just shots of moments created for our website. My Daughter has much more aspects to her life and so do I .

Mini-Styling is a kids fashion blog, so of course our primary focus will always be kids fashion, and of course the pictures posted on our site  will be the pictures that show the clothes in a nice setting. But never forget that these pictures are taken with a purpose, to showcase how they fit and how you can style them, they are just moments . Olivia is a happy go lucky little stubborn  3 year old like all other toddlers and has melt downs, has days she refuses to wear anything but Pink shoes  and a tutu and has moments she just doesn’t agree with anything I say and get’s sick like everyone else.

Our life is not picture perfect, only our pictures for our blog are. Because no one is interested in seeing how she wears her new shirt and decided to write with markers all over them, or how she decided to stamp in puddles while wearing ( that once were) white tights or her showcasing the newest outfits while having a time out because she decided that climbing in the store racks was a good idea even though I told her a million time not to do it. These moments happen to us too, they just don’t get posted on our blog  yet I wish every was more aware of  the fact that they happen to us to and that the pictures we post on our kids fashion blog are especially made for out blog. Our pictures are taken mostly outside and to pick out 6/8 nice shots I have to take aprox 50/80 pictures as Olivia will not pose for a picture and is just outside having fun. And before they are edited and posted on the website it takes even more time and work, these are not just a few spontaneous shots that I took in 10 minutes.

And let me tell you something, most other blogs and Instagram accounts with perfectly ( mostly white) styled living rooms and  other kids rooms and outfit inspiration websites also are merely humans, they too don’t look like that all the time. The pictures are made to showcase the best, to show you a particular style and to inspire, but their kids make a mess just like yours, and most likely all the ugly plastic toys (you said you would never buy) are stuffed away in a corner just outside of the picture in their house too.So please promise me this, parenting is hard enough as it is, never measure yourself or your house, or kids or whatever up to pictures you see on blogs, these pictures have been created, these pictures are styled and although they are their for your inspiration they are not reality. And your very own every day reality is the only reality that counts.

And as you have read in our blog last week our life is far from perfect,  we have a lot on our plate with Olivia’s daily struggle with PKU and my struggle with Rheumatoid. And from now on we will be sharing a little more and write an occasional blog.

Meanwhile I will try to blog when I can but my health is making it very hard, my hands and wrists are currently all inflamed and typing this short blog took me 4 days. We all have to do what we can within our limits either what we can do times wise or health wise, never forget we all have our own struggles and nothing is picture perfect. But in my view the imperfections of each others life is exactly what makes it beautiful and I want to thank you all for reading along and following us on our journey.


Olivia’s outfit is from the lovely webshop ( and they also have a brick store in Belgium) Goldfish.be

We just love this store as Eva carries a lot of our favorite brands from Gray Label , Emile et Ida, Bobo Choses and  Louise Misha to the new The Animals Observatory and many other fun brands.

Today Olivia is dressed in a head to toe outfit from her webshop:

Her nearly black cardigan is from Gray Label

Caramel corduroy skirt by Emile et Ida

and her polka dots shoes are from Rollie all from Goldfish.be

I love this fun fall look, reminds me of a retro school girl look




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