Monochrome Party

Monochrome Party

Just several weeks ago we were celebrating Little Miss Olivia’s birthday this weekend it was Darnell’s time


As a true teen he never wants to appear on Mini-Styling but he is a part of our Mini-Styling Family so we had to share his Monochrome Brunch party of last weekend


Decorations and Lightbox all from Happily Ever After Decorations


We love the BatFace Print from Little Rae Prints which was perfect for his Monochrome Party Theme


Combined with the amazing Lightbox by A Lovely Little Company from Happily Ever After Deco



Buget tip: the Monochrome cross print wrapping paper from the Dutch store Xenos


He requested no party but a Birthday Brunch and so we did! Brunch really is the best

Bowtie Plates from Happily Ever After Deco✖️ Wooden Blocks from Ooh Noo✖️ Design Letter Plates and Bowl from Kleur op Tafel


Photo Props are always fun, we had a lot of fun making them



The prints from Little Rae Prints are simply stunning


Black Cupcake Wrappers and Mustache Cupcake Toppers and Confetti Happily Ever After DecoDSC_0022