Monochrome Monday in Houndstooth

Monochrome Monday in Houndstooth

In a blink of eye the weekend is gone again and we are confronted with another Monday. Mondays are never ever my favorite so I try to spruce them up with coffee, lots of coffee and some amazing pictures of sunny fall day weekend fun that we had a little while ago.

And this one is somewhat of a classic, I mean houndstooth has been around for ages, and you just can’t go wrong with this classic , right?
Add some kneesocks and amazing hand made moccasins from the new and lovely webshop Magnus Makes Three and you have yourself An amazing little outfit.

Olivia is wearing a head to toe outfit from Magnus Makes Three:
Tiny cottons Houndstooth Dress
Tiny cottons kneesocks
Handmade cognac Brown toxin free NOA moccasins by Magnus Makes Three







Apparently all the cool kids wear their sunglasses like this dsc_8433-1



It;s just been a few weeks and I don’t mind the colder weather that goes along with Fall season, but I sure miss the sunny fall days. This last week or two we have only had cold dark days and pictures of afternoons like these seem like ages ago. dsc_8402

Just love these handmade leather NOA Mocs by Magnus Makes Three ,  made with the softest toxin free  leather in a beautiful cognac brown color