Louise Misha’s Fall Magic

Louise Misha’s Fall Magic

Ever since I have kids I have fallen in love with kids fashion, the different styles, the different brands and stories behind each collection inspire me. And when it comes to Louise Misha I fall in love every single season. Something about their dresses just fits Olivia perfectly.

I love their attention to detail, their timeless classy bohemian pieces that are made with the best of quality and softest fabrics. And like I have mentioned before , and which is most important to me, Olivia just loves their dresses. It always makes her feel like a princess so it was only fair that the amazing new Mayadin  dress in the color Canard by the talented ladies from Louise Misha from the webshop Polpettine  ( you can find their store at www.polpettine.com for more from the amazing new Aw16 collection  from Louise Misha)

Mayan Dress by Louise Misha from Polpettine worn with Manuala du Juan shoes from Scandimini


DSC_4124 (1) DSC_4197 DSC_4153

When you have the ability to see all of the Every day magic you can always Dance even when there is no music , I love how she has that ability. She is always dancing and I love it even more  when ever I am lucky enough to capture it : some dresses are simply made for dancing


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