1 Year Mini-Styling Anniversary – Personal Blog

1 Year Mini-Styling Anniversary – Personal Blog

This is something I never do, and probably won’t do again any time soon. I had made a really clear choice as to what I wanted to do with Mini-Styling and that was to create a website with nothing but STYLE RELATED CONTENT, to work mostly with visuals  and not write blogs, to inspire with style so that my website would be a place where you can scroll through pictures and be inspired.  That was my vision and on top of that,  I am dyslexic and possibly the WORST writer ever, so pictures and styling just works a lot better for me than writing blogs.

But today is not just any day, today is a BIG day, today is a big Milestone and therefore today is AN EXCEPTION.

Today I am going to tell you a little bit more about myself, about my thoughts , hopes and dreams for Mini-Styling. So let’s start at the beginning, it started on Instagram exactly one year ago today on September 28th 2015. Before that date I had been laying out my daughters clothes in flat lays , as I had done for my son when he was little, for my husband to get her dressed in the morning as I would leave early and she would still be sleeping. I always loved making these flat lays and started posting them on my private Instagram. Kids Fashion and Decor has always been a passion of mine, and this passion came to life again with the birth of my daughter, yes indeed Little Miss Olivia is my daughter!

And so sitting on my couch, the idea of Mini-Styling started, me and my creative mind and my laptop on a Sunny afternoon came up with the name, made an IG account and added an email address.  I raided my daughters closet and shoot a few flat lays: and that was the start of Mini-Styling. It was fun, it was exciting and I could of never ever dreamed that now one year later I am the owner of a lovely website, Thank you Kim from The Marketing Factory for all your help and amazing design, and have an Instagram account with almost 20.000 followers. We have worked together with Brands and Stores from all over the world, from all over Europe to Iceland and the States to Australia and Korea we have had so much fun in just one year time, which allows me to dream big and to fantasize over where Mini-Styling will be in another year.

In another year I hope to be doing EXACTLY THE SAME as we are doing now, posting daily outfit pictures in flat lays and lifestyle shoots, to continue to shoot these images with Olivia and work more with our favorite photographers Aimee and Rafael from Dreamy Pictures.  In another year  I hope I can say we have continued to work with the brands and stores we have worked with from day one, and have expanded our reach and work with more amazing international brands and stores. I hope that we can always better ourselves, but never by losing vision of the passion we have for styling and always continue to have a lot of fun with it. Passion is really the driving force of Mini-Styling. I hope one day to have more time to create all the sets and ideas I have for Mini-Styling and to shoot them all with my favorite photographers. I hope that more and more people will come to the website and always know that we truly only post clothes and items that we love, that Ias a mother would only put the fashion I feature on mini-styling.com on my own daughter and that she really wears and plays with the best clothes the industry has to offer and items that she really plays with or uses in her daily life. As naive and maybe stupid as this may be for a business, I have turned down a many collaborations because the designs were not something i would let my daughter wear, or their mission or style was just simply not the right fit, and that is something I always want to stay true to and will continue to do.

Are you slowly  starting to understand why i never write blogs? (; No worries this won’t happen again soon.

This year has seriously surprised me and has been amazing, the response from my followers is something that just puts a smile on my face. Seeing pictures of  your kids in an outfit inspired by my posts just makes my day. I remember talking to friends joking “well if I hit 10.000 followers in a year I might think about getting my own website”. But in a little less than 6 months I already had hit the 10.000 followers mark and our mini-styling.com inboxes  are always full with emails. I want to thank you all for that, even though i can’t always answer every comment and email I always try to do so.

As for me, I have not quit my daytime job I am still a legal counsel and love it. As for Olivia she still attends daycare and hasn’t signed her Wilhelmina modeling contract yet, we are still doing everything as usual. Which brings me to the part to tell you a little bit more about me and my life and family. I am a full time mom and a Legal Counsel and work for a big multinational company, I cannot even start to tell you how much I love my job. I truly am blessed to have a career I love and work in an amazing environment with a great team. Is it demanding, is it hard and sometimes takes long days and equally long nights, but is it worth it? YES. I was always very sure I wanted to become a lawyer  even at  a young age , I was determined and here I am. That being said anybody who knows me personaly knows how much I am in love with styling just about everything, and YES I MEAN EVERYTHING. From styling a party, to my bookcase, kids rooms and their outfits I am borderline obsessed ( and that is probably lightly put, my poor husband has been dealing with this for over a decade now). And this passion is something that has popped up over and over again during my legal career, from working as a kids fashion buyer while I was in Law School, to styling the storefronts, always being the one to pick and organize the office parties , from being the one who would draw moodboards for friends nursery rooms. So when you can’t stop thinking about something, you simply have to follow your passion which I am currently doing, next to my day time job.

Next to my JOBS i have an even more important ” job” in life and that is being the mother to my 2 kids my youngest Olivia which you as my follower already know, and my oldest my 16 year old son Darnell. Which if any of you already have teens, you probably understand why he has never made his appearance on this site, he doesn’t want to, and so I respect his wishes and you will not see any pictures of him on our site. My husband ( Ray) and I live a hectic life with juggling our careers and kids, and him working for the US military and being send away and or/ moving a lot. So we truly can say we are a family that is always on the go.

Besides my kids, my husband, friends and my 2 jobs my other mission in life is to raise awareness for PKU.PKU is the metabolic condition that our Olivia was born with, we found out about her condition when she was only 5 days old, we had never heard of this condition before. This diagnosis turned our world upside down. Olivia has this extremely rare metabolic condition due to the fact that her father and I both are carriers, and she will have PKU for the rest of her life. There is no cure!

I can almost hear you think, what does it mean, what is PKU. PKU stands for PHENYLKETONURIA ( aren’t you glad we can just call it PKU) and as I have mentioned before it is a  rare inherited metabolic disease that results in mental retardation and other neurological problems when treatment is not started within the first few weeks of life. As you can see from our pictures Olivia is a healthy normal 2 year old as she has been diagnosed at a young age and has been on her ” medicine” and special diet since she was 6 days old ( a day after diagnosis).

Olivia has Classic PKU and this is treated by a special diet and daily ” medicine” in the form of a PKU gel that she has to eat 3 times a day in order to grow and develop as any other normal child. Her diet does not allow consumption of meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, ice cream, beans,rice,porridge, nuts, pasta, regular bread, cookies, any dairy products and the list goes on and on. In general to simplify it, it means she can eat limited fruit and veggies and thereafter mostly special medical low-protein food. She is a healthy and happy normal stubborn 2 year old and is doing amazingly great but having PKU isn’t easy, and never being able to spoil your kid with an ice-cream or stopping for a pretzel at the mall is heartbreaking at times. But in the end, she is with us and healthy and happy and that is ALL THAT MATTERS. As her mother raising awareness of her condition is one of my missions in life to make her life a little easier as she grows up, that more people will understand what it entails and how important new born screening is. I can say that is she didn’t receive her newborn screening as a little babygirl of just a few days and wouldn’t have been diagnosed she wouldn’t be the girl she is today and wouldn’t be able to be the feisty, smart talkative and of course STYLISH little girl she is today.

I hope you will continue to follow Mini-Styling on our journey on Instagram and our website for the next year and that you liked reading a little bit more about me and my little family and personal interests. And of course I hope you will all be a part of the amazing giveaways we will be hosting this week to celebrate this milestone with you.

We will be doing an extra special Auction at the end of the week where you will be able to place a bid on a bunch of Little Miss Olivia’s favorite items in a great gift pack where we will donate the entire amount to PKU Research. So join us not only in great style and for the fun and inspiration but also in giving back to something that is so close to our heart. We will be doing this every year and hope each year to raise more and more MONEY and AWARENESS.


And a special thanks to my husband, Ray, who has to deal with it all. Who doesn’t mind me rearranging everything for a photoshoot who never complains that wherever we are on vacation in Dubai or France I always bring my work with me, and am either posting or taking pictures, talking to local brands and am always ” on” . You are my love and my support and I am so happy to have you as my number one fan.





________________________________________________________________________________________ *Olivia picked a name for the Stendig Calendar from Kleuroptafel and the winner is: @OHMYMACUSHLA

*Olivia picked a name for the Lovethekids Webshop giveaway and the winner is : @IAPETERS

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To all our winners thank you for joining !